Certification & Accreditation Board

The Certification and Accreditation Board oversees the Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP) and Accredited Destination Management Company (ADMC) programs.  Members of this board have all earned their DMCP designation.  Interested in working on a CAB committee?  Let us know!

Chair Lisa DeLeon, DMCP Destination Tahoe Meetings & Events
Chair Elect Pat Owings, DMCP, CMP Maple Ridge Events, A Host Global Member
Immediate Past-Chair Alayna Alariana, DMCP CSI Washington, DC
Secretary Kellie Collins, DMCP PRA Orange County
Treasurer Michelle Castady, DMCP 360 Destination Group Chicago
Directors Giulia Brochetto, DMCP TERRAEVENTS Italy, a DMC Network Company
  Brian Ferrell, DMCP factor 110 - Destination Oklahoma
  Sandi Harkins, DMCP Agenda: USA
  Christina Pohlmann, DMCP BBC Destination Management, A Global DMC Partner
  Jill Tate, DMCP Corinthian Events
  Claudia Wehrman, DMCP, CMP PRA San Diego
Ex-Officio ADMEI President
Robert Lee, DMCP
Spaintacular DMC, A Global DMC Partner
Staff Lisa DeGolyer, Deputy EVP ADMEI