Certification & Accreditation Board

The Certification and Accreditation Board oversees the Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP) and Accredited Destination Management Company (ADMC) programs.  Members of this board have all earned their DMCP designation.  Interested in working on a CAB committee?  Let us know!

Certification & Accreditation Board Highlights


Alayna Alariana, DMCP, CSI - Capitol Services, Inc., Washington, DC


Lisa DeLeon, DMCP - Destination Tahoe Meetings and Events, Tahoe, NV


Sarah Mullins, DMCP - Accent on Indy,  Indianapolis, IN


Alton Hagen, DMCP, AGENDA: Kansas City, Kansas City, KS

Immediate Past Chair

Carol Norfleet, DMCP, CMP - Destination Nashville, Nashville, TN

ADMEI Executive Vice President

Fran Rickenbach, CAE, IOM - Dayton, OH

DMCP Project Administrator

Roxy West - Dayton, OH

Board Members

Michelle Castady, DMCP - 360 Destination Group - Chicago, IL

Kellie Collins, DMCP - AlliedPRA Southern California

Denise Malo, DMCP - BBC Destination Management - New Orleans, LA

Patrick Owings, DMCP - Maple Ridge Events - Nashville, TN


Ex-officio Members:

ADMEI President

Brian Ferrell, DMCP, CMP, Factor 110, Oklahoma City, OK


ADMEI Headquarters

11 W Monument Avenue, Ste 510
Dayton, OH 45402

Phone: 937.586.3727
Fax: 937.586.3699
Email: INFO@ADMEI.org